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The human life value calculator helps you assess the financial loss your family would incur if you were to die today. Calculate how much life insurance you should have.


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Lifecraft Financial Group Pension Retirement Accounts And 403b Plans

One of the best ways to achieve financial security is to follow a disciplined process that involves identifying your dreams & goals, establishing a plan, and taking action with appropriate financial strategies.

Financial planning process is implementing the financial plan’s recommendations. Though this is not the last step in the process, most of the hard work is behind you. With that said, the best financial plan is worthless if it is not implemented.

FRS & Drop Participants

OUR CONSULTANTS Specialize in Working With Civil Servants and Baby Boomers  

Our professional staff includes Fully Licensed Advisors and Fiduciaries. We have special expertise in the Florida Retirement System, Pension, 403B, Drop , Insurance, Investments and healthcare.


If your choice is the Investment plan. Help is always available at no cost. 

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We’ll help you plan and put a strategy in place so you can have – a comfortable, worry-free, and inspired retirement built on your means, your goals, your values, and be protected from what could go wrong along the way….